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I am interested in using design to solve problems, whether it is a landscape that isn't in tune with the needs of the entire community, or a chemically dependent lawn. I have been a designer for over 15 years, and my interest in landscape architecture developed while I was working as a web designer. Now armed with an MLA degree, I balance time spent on a computer with hands-on work outdoors. I am passionate about plants, animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, and sports. I have a really difficult time keeping my fingernails clean. More about me ›



White Ninja

A love child of Shawnimals and Rotofugi, White Ninja has been busy documenting myriad adventures via photograph on Facebook for your entertainment. Check out White Ninja’s adventures in Cancun, mission to the land of wine and earthquake or optimal habitats for ultimate stealth.

White Ninja does not sleep!
White Ninja waits…

I like White Ninja!

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Ginkgo biloba trees are living fossils that shaded dinosaurs with their fan-shaped leaves over 200 million years ago. The ginkgo is the sole surviving link between the lower and higher plants (ferns and conifers). Famous specimens include the tree outside Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park home & studio, and six trees that survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. More about ginkgo trees ›