Butterfly Republic Brewing: plan detail Butterfly Republic Brewing: presentation pinup Butterfly Republic Beer Garden: sketch Rails-to-Trails Bike Path: perspective Butterfly Republic Brew Pub: entrance Butterfly Republic Beer Garden: perspective
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Butterfly Republic Brewing: full plan

Butterfly Republic Brewing: plan

Project Location: Chicago, IL

Butterfly Republic Brewing is a self-sustaining, 2,000 barrel-a-year brewery operation where all possible ingredients are grown on adjoining land, and neighbors gather in a memorial beer garden set in a grove of London planetrees while a herd of plains bison graze in a wildlife preserve. This proposed south-side brewery project is located near Lake Calumet, on a site formerly occupied by Republic Steel. By writing an alternate history for the site I arrived at this desired destination; with an especially valuable contribution coming from Scott Sullivan of Greenbush Brewing Company, who provided specific numbers for building sizing, land allocation, and ingredient inputs.